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News September 11th 2017

The new Sansevero Chapel Museum bookshop brings together tradition and innovation

The project, designed by architect and designer Marita Francescon, has been carried out in the sacristy, now housing the bookshop. The growth of the museum has brought with it new sales and exhibition needs, so it has become necessary to replace the existing furnishings with a layout better suited to the new requirements and in readiness for the creation of the new merchandising.

The design of the furnishings takes inspiration from the motif of the original labyrinth flooring design of the Sansevero Chapel and brings together the ancient and modern thanks to the use of eighteenth-century decoration rich in references to the esoteric tradition, combined with leading-edge material like Lg’s HI-MACS®.

Permission was obtained from the due authorities to replace the obsolete lighting fixtures with a new lighting system using LED technology with Eco-system projectors by Viabizzuno, a leading company in the lighting sector. High performance Viabizzuno lighting fixtures have also been positioned in the display and sales furnishings to show the products off at their best.