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Celebrating the past by looking to the future. This was the message carved into the marble of the Sansevero Chapel, and this too was the aim of Raimondo di Sangro’s descendants in setting up a joint stock company to manage the museum in the 1990s. They thus gave legal form to an organization that sought to be a cultural enterprise in its own right. The flexibility of its internal decision-making strategies and dynamic management style has enabled the museum to pour investments and energy into safeguarding its artistic heritage while simultaneously assuming a primary role in the recovery and revitalization of Naples’ ancient city centre.

With a series of activities ranging from the tireless promotion of the Baroque chapel to spreading the cultural message of its founder, from the restoration of the statue known as the Il Corpo di Napoli, now a symbol of the decumani area, to the redevelopment of the nearby streets, the Sansevero Chapel Museum – anticipating a trend that has since become commonplace – constantly works to boost the area, becoming a reference point for the local community.

Its enterprising management goes hand in hand with openness to different forms of expression. Music, theatre, literature, and contemporary art all have their place in the 18th-century chapel. While remaining faithful to its cultural identity, the museum engages with the many forms of art that reflect its beauty.

If culture is the driving force behind social progress, it is even more important for the personal development of the individual. This is why the museum dedicates most of its resources to welcoming visitors daily. Well-kept spaces, qualified and constantly updated staff, and systems to increase accessibility, understanding, and inclusion are the ingredients the Sansevero Chapel Museum has chosen as a way of transforming normality into excellence and demonstrating, as Raimondo di Sangro proudly wrote, that in Naples too “all may be done well if we wish it”.


Maria Alessandra Masucci
president and director

Francesca Liotti
promotion and interpretation

Giovanna Miranda
operations and personnel manager

Federica Baggio
programming and events

Mariagrazia de Gaetano


Museo Cappella Sansevero
Via Francesco De Sanctis, 19/21
80134 – Napoli
Ph. ticket office +39 081 5524936
Ph./Fax +39 081 5518470

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Company Name
Museo Cappella Sansevero Srl
Società iscritta alla CCIAA di Napoli al n. REA 560 887

Via F. De Sanctis, 19/21 – 80134 Napoli

Paid up share capital
€ 50.000,00 (cinquantamila)

Company registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Naples n. REA 560 887

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