A many-faceted genius with an insatiable curiosity

A working life

Inventor, man of letters, patron of the arts, lover of free thinking and science, and first Grand Master of Neapolitan Freemasonry. The story of an admired but thwarted talent, from his first ingenious experiments to his last days shrouded in mystery.

  • Inventions and secrets

    The Prince’s mysterious experiments: “and they are still spoken of as a wonderous thing, and their marvels are still performed”.

  • Various artists for one project

    Sanmartino, Corradini, Queirolo, and other talented sculptors contribute to the Prince’s most ambitious project: the Sansevero Chapel.

  • Raimondo di Sangro in history and legend

    Truth and legend: testimonies and stories of an extraordinary life

  • “A singlular, remarkable, one might say prodigious mind"

    Men of letters, travellers, scientists, clerics, the merely curious. Many, upon encountering the Prince's genius, did not remain in silence.